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that I've caught up and now have to wait for the next outburst of joy. What will my mornings, in my dressing gown, be like now until the next instalment! It's so uplifting to hear the two of them relate their passion into weekly topics that are a delight, learned but ensure you feel part of their conversations. Many many more please.

Niche Subject, Serious Thinking

I thought “Dressed: A History of Fashion” was a niche podcast, but thanks to those ladies having Lucy and Ben on the show I’ve discovered an even more niche podcast in “Dress: Fancy” and it is absolutely delightful. The beauty of Dress: Fancy being so specific in their niche is that Lucy and Ben have the ability to really deep dive into a specific historical event (like the Devonshire Ball) or a specific subculture (like LARPers) and give it a serious thoughtful treatment that draws historical and modern parallels as well as balance the frivolous nature of being in costume to the real implications of those costumes and what their place is in society. Love their ability to both embrace and critically discuss everything from cheap Marilyn Monroe costumes to Handmaid protest wear to Romanov fancy dress balls!

Beautifully British

I stumbled across this podcast when listening to ‘Dressed’. Whilst I am not usually very into fancy dress, this podcast is a delightful listen, a lovely reminder of all the elegance and true quirkiness of British culture and all the fabulously mad things we get up to. I have devoured most of the back catalogue in a week and can’t wait for more.

Hilarious and great channel for the political and social history of fashion!

I am not a typical podcast listener though this is not your typical history channel on fashion - Lucy is hilarious, Ben is informative on political/social landscape and there is just great storytelling. This is the podcast that I need to get up to date on the history of fashion in the UK. The episodes are a good duration for a commute and love photos from instagram to accompany the podcast. London is one of the best dressed cities and coming from Sydney, I envy what people wear on the street and have lots to emulate. This podcast is what I need to get up to speed on the past, present and future of fashion!

DressFancy season six

Entertaining, informative and fun. Congratulations you have done it again! Never underestimate the power of a costume.

Inspired & informative

This is just such fun to listen to. Anyone who enjoys dressing up or the idea of dressing up will be enchanted by these thoughtful and provocative discussions between Ben (the academic) & Lucy (the fantasist).

A weekly burst of joy

This show is always surprising and very funny. Clever and charming, it never fails to entertain. If you love style, fashion and cultural connections you will love this podcast

New fan!

Beautifully written, joyously funny and brilliantly insightful. Really enjoying my favourite new podcast!


I’m a big fan of this podcast. And it’s getting better ever episode. Love the sub-cultures and histories Ben and Lucy are exploring through the medium of fancy dress.

Such a fun show

I love this podcast. Each new podcast is better than the last. Lucy and Ben are witty, smart, candid and honest. I look so forward to each new episode!

Dress: Fancy is the Bees Knees!

Super fun and friendly, well researched and one of the few podcasts that merit an Instagram account!

Another winning episode

Week after week, Dress: Fancy delivers! Educational, entertaining, and timely. Lucy and Ben are engaging and clearly know and love all things Fancy Dress.

So interesting, ever so funny too!

Love this podcast it’s so interesting but also easy going.

Not so grumpy now!

Despite being that grumpy person on Instagram who hates World Book Day, I loved this pod cast. Very entertaining, well done!

Pure Joy

This podcast could not be more expertly researched, charismatically presented or full of joy in it’s subject. Completely addictive listening.


I commute hundreds of miles a week, I love listening to this podcast due to its informative, witty and truly interesting nature. Ben and Lucy are easy on the ear and the research on each fancy dress topic is phenomenal. Amazing work you two!

Head-to-toe entertainment

Lucy and Benjamin are fantastic at balancing really insightful and well-reserached content with a very entertaining delivery. I've learned so much about a topic I never knew could be so historically and culturally relevant (plus it was a great excuse to treat myself to a new copy of Rebecca)!

Sparky and fascinating

Really interesting discussion on a topic the presenters are clearly passionate about, full of good humour and great insight. Brava!

Insightful, delicious & fun

Bravo guys. This was incredibly interesting to listen to and you two have great chemistry.

Informative and entertaining.

Great podcast to listen too on the move via iTunes or Acast. Very informative and entertaining. Well worth a listen and too recommend to friends.

Class act

really love this podcast, lucy's effortless style and her love of all things fancy really shines through. Cant recommend this podcast enough!!!


This is a wonderful podcast on the endlessly fascinating subject of fancy dress. Listened to the first three episodes back to back. I’m hooked!

Dress Fancy

I have thoroughly enjoyed the three podcasts I’ve listened to so far, the enthusiasm and knowledge for fancy dressing shines out, fun too.

Fascinating stuff

... So interesting and now want to know more about! Intelligent and thought-provoking but also very entertaining. Love the Instagram link up although would love a book to keep... would also be fab on BBC2. Looking forward to the rest...


A provocative and engaging insight into joy of fancy dress. Surprising and delightful.

Brilliant, insightful, entertaining

I have really enjoyed listening so far - a very intelligent angle on what might seem like a ‘frivolous’ subject. It manages to balance interesting social history/ cultural analysis with wit and humour - so it never seems dry. Highly recommend!

Totally absorbing

A really good listen, who knew fancy dress was so politically/socially linked? Great to have the Instagram images to accompany the rich descriptions. I can’t wait for more!

Brilliant! Roll on next weeks episode

I learned a lot from this! It’s fascinating to hear the history behind some of these iconic fancy dress images. Throughly enjoyable. I’m now desperate to be transported back to my childhood fancy dress box!


Really enjoyed this insightful discussion about dress and protest. Liked the link to the Instagram page and will be listening episode 2

Never knew there was so much to learn about fancy dress

Great format, and really interesting. A subject I know very little about, so every thing is new to me! Well worth a listen 👍