Niche Subject, Serious Thinking

I thought “Dressed: A History of Fashion” was a niche podcast, but thanks to those ladies having Lucy and Ben on the show I’ve discovered an even more niche podcast in “Dress: Fancy” and it is absolutely delightful.

The beauty of Dress: Fancy being so specific in their niche is that Lucy and Ben have the ability to really deep dive into a specific historical event (like the Devonshire Ball) or a specific subculture (like LARPers) and give it a serious thoughtful treatment that draws historical and modern parallels as well as balance the frivolous nature of being in costume to the real implications of those costumes and what their place is in society. Love their ability to both embrace and critically discuss everything from cheap Marilyn Monroe costumes to Handmaid protest wear to Romanov fancy dress balls!

Nov. 13, 2019 by Riidi on Apple Podcasts