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Can't wait for more.

Brilliantly thought provoking and just the kind of 'super niche' podcast I so enjoy. Already very much looking forward to espisode 2, I might even wear a ball gown whilst tuning in.

Highly Recommend

Smart, engaging, funny, brilliantly researched podcast for anyone interested in the stories told by clothes. Loved this first episode.

Fancy fancy!

Love learning about one of my fave topics. Can’t wait for episode 2.

Wonderfully informed podcast full of context

For fans of material culture and fashion history, this is the perfect podcast! Dr. Benjamin Wild and Miss Lucy Clayton display their knowledge and prowess in the subject in a conversational way but also prove they are extremely well informed. Absolutely would recommend to any history nerd or person passionate about how we as humans express ourselves externally throughout time!

Well worth a listen

Insightful, entertaining, informative history of fancy dress linking up the social history and the costumes of time. Listening to the stories and meaning behind the clothes makes you realise there’s lots more to fancy dress than dressing up. Nice link to the Instagram pictures, so you get to see the costumes too. Wonderfully discussed, with real expertise about the history behind the clothes. Highly recommended!