Dec. 3, 2021

Styling Sustainability with Patrick McDowell

Lucy Clayton is joined by special co-host - maverick designer, sustainability campaigner and consummate dresser upper, Patrick McDowell. Sustainable fashion is the future - but it's also an opportunity to demonstrate some...

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Nov. 26, 2021

Mary Quant: the Life and Times of a Fashion Legend – In Conversation …

Lucy Clayton is joined by special guest co-host Sadie Frost – fresh from directing the new documentary about the life and times of fashion legend Mary Quant. Lucy and Sadie discuss the legacy of Quant as a design pioneer, the …

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Nov. 19, 2021

Dressing in Disguise: Evasions, escapes, and emancipation

Join Lucy Clayton and Guest Co-Host Patrick Grant for an exploration of the history of dressing for disguise. This episode covers clothes for evading detection, getting away with murder, avoiding unwanted attention or for fleeing to freedom. With...

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Nov. 10, 2021

Dressing Up With... Phin Harper

From the makers of DRESS:FANCY podcast comes a new series about the messages and meaning behind what we wear. Host Lucy Clayton is joined by designers, artists, activists, celebrities and members of our listening community to share the...

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Oct. 29, 2021

Noble Ambitions: The Rise and Fall of the Post-war Country House, wit…

Join Lucy Clayton and author Adrian Tinniswood to celebrate the launch of his new book. With the grandest houses in Britain as the backdrop to this episode, we take you to a period where tradition meets tripping out and grandeur …

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Oct. 18, 2021

My Beautiful Radium - Glow in the Dark Halloween Special

Join Lucy and Ben for an exploration of fashion's eternal fascination with Glow in the Dark. From the heart-wrenching story of the Radium Girls in the 1920s to neon nights in the 1990s' rave scene, this is a halloween episode …

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Sept. 17, 2021

Dress the Baby Halloween Costume Competition

Reflecting on the season that has been, and teasing exciting future developments, Lucy and Ben introduce a frighteningly fun competition for Halloween to keep listeners engaged in the costume drama! Links Follow on Instagram

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Sept. 3, 2021

Code Purple: Costumes & Cavorting with Prince

In this episode, Lucy and Ben are joined by author Casci Ritchie to talk about the life and wardrobe of one of the greatest artists of all time: Prince. Reflecting on gender, race and the role of costume in the …

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Aug. 25, 2021

Dressed x Dress: Fancy Go Through the Looking Glass

Alice in Wonderland and Fashion History

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Aug. 13, 2021

Dressing for Laughs: Comedy in Costume

This episode puts the gags front and centre. We don’t mean the effortless banter between Lucy and Ben, or her relentless teasing of him (which is only funny for one!), but the laughter and joy that is inherent in dressing …

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July 30, 2021

Paper Dreams: Costumes from Crêpe

Inspired by a listener’s costume design project, this episode explores the possibilities – and problems – of dressing up with paper. As Lucy struggles with her own creativity (paper patterns are harder than they look!), Ben charts the colourful,...

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July 16, 2021

Head to Toe: Costume on the Extremities

In this episode, the stars of the show are the bits of the human body - from heads down to toes – that tend to get neglected in our daily clothing, but which take on new prominence and meaning when …

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July 1, 2021

Episode 30: Get Your Freak On – The Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Freak …

Another excursion for the Dress: Fancy duo this week, and a true ‘end of season’ extravaganza, as Lucy and Ben review the career and cultural impact of fashion’s Enfant Terrible after watching his eponymous Fashion Freak Show at the South …

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June 18, 2021

Social Climbing on Gilded Stairs

The Vanderbilt Ball of 1883

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June 7, 2021

Season 9 trailer

Lucy and Ben are back for yet more costume drama, announcing season 9 of the Dress: Fancy podcast, and something to slake your thirst for vintage couture until the first episode arrives in mid-June: Moth Tales Join Ben in playing …

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June 4, 2021

Bare-Faced Cheek: Playboy Undressed

Never slow to come forward, and certainly not shy, Lucy and Ben throw their costumes to the wind this week and talk Playboy. A brand very familiar with dressing up and stripping off. Questioning how far the brand has been …

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Oct. 23, 2020

Dress: Spooky

A Dress: Fancy Halloween Special

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Aug. 14, 2020

Dressing Up In Art

An interview with artist Volker Hermes

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July 31, 2020

You Crazy Fool

The Harlequin and Pierrot in Laughter and Life

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July 24, 2020

The Chiffon Trenches

A Review of Andre Leon Talley’s Memoir

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July 17, 2020

Masqued Realities

The Stuart Court Masque

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July 10, 2020

Vive la Révolution: Make-up Gets Ugly

In this week’s episode, Ben and Lucy are taking their diamanté magnifying glass to the face itself, and thinking about a new fashion coinage: Ugly Make-up, or Brutalist Make-up. Reflecting on the origins and motivations of this creative,...

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July 3, 2020

Black Portraiture & the Getty Museum Challenge

interview with Peter Brathwaite

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