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Merry Christmas!

Just listened to the Christmas Special and it was so helpful and informative I almost wished I had many many future Nativities to dress. Sometimes I can force my vision upon a great-nephew or niece, but its not the same as having the pressure and reward of one's own child's performance. This podcast should be played to stressed mummies everywhere, its full of top tips, and a forgiving attitude to the fact that ON THE DAY things may not go as one had planned. Thanks Lucy for your unique combination of excellent research, determination and above all sense of humour! Merry Christmas!XX

The House of Embroidered Paper episode

I smiled broadly whilst listening to the podcast episode I recorded with Lucy. In part because it was beautifully edited such that the couple of places where I knew I had slightly fallen over my words had vanished beneath the surface of the whole. Primarily however because I could hear the enjoyment I had felt on the day coming through the recording. The whole process was relaxed and happy , Lucy is an insightful, generous host who puts you immediately at your ease even whilst doing this thing you don't do everyday, ie. recording audio for broadcast. The technology involved was surprisingly minimal, we just sat and chatted, I probably over talked, we laughed, we did some paper quilling and then it was over. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Hauntingly good

I had a wonderful time appearing on Dress Fancy's Halloween edition, especially being an appreciative listener of the show myself. Lucy is a fabulous host: quick, attentive, insightful. She facilitated an incredibly fun and thought-provoking conversation that stretched from Victorian mourning jewellery to Kim Kardashian.

With love from your Mummy

FINALLY you invited me to guest on your show! I laughed out loud when l listened to the pair of us. - I’m not sure what that says about our chat! What I didn’t get to say is how proud I am of you. Dress Fancy is such an achievement. Well done darling…… and thank you for inviting me on your show x

An amazing conversation about grief, mourning and fashion

I was so pleased to be part of the DRESS: FANCY Halloween episode: Haunting Fashion: Clothing Beyond the Grave! Lucy and Rosalind were an absolute delight. Lucy is a brilliant host--her suggestions for questions and topics were exceptionally well organized, which made it easy to relax and let the conversation flow naturally. We talked about why clothes so strongly evoke the dead, the Kim Kardashian/Marilyn dress controversy, Victorian mourning customs, and haunted clothing in an amazing conversion about grief, mourning, and fashion. A stimulating and memorable podcast experience!

Fantastic informative and warm.

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for your super interesting Laura Ashley appreciation podcast and I've just watched the 1976 documentary you referenced. It goes without saying that I am a bit of an LA fan and did for a short time work for them in the early 90's. I had the wonderful experience of staying in the Château de Remaisnil around that time too, although it had been sold on but not yet changed. I will listen to your other podcasts as I work over the coming weeks - nothing beats sewing to a good podcast but just wanted to say thanks and congratulations on such an informative episode.

THE BEST podcast for fashion students!

Dress: Fancy is definitely the most fabulous fashion podcast I have come across. I have found the content incredibly useful as a student studying Fashion History at uni - the subjects spoken about are so varied and engaging, from discussions of recently opened fashion exhibits, to the history of the Christmas trees at Claridge’s. Informal yet full of fascinating in depth discussions, Lucy’s infinite fashion knowledge is such a joy to listen to, and I can’t wait for the new season! Would absolutely recommend to everyone, especially fashion students!


Loved chatting with Lucy about my book on the history of bad and bonkers advice to women, and how you can love clothes and dress-ups while prancing out of reach of misogyny and lips-of-string judgement based on centuries of sexist palaver. It was so nice to talk with an interviewer who GETS that the frivolous can be serious and vice versa, and the trivial can be important, and the important can be FUN. (Sorry; shouting now.) Have long been a fan of the podcast; now thrilled to be a friend of the podcast, too.

Dress: Fancy Podcast review

Dress: Fancy is a joyful podcast about style, clothes, culture, history and dressing up that hits the right tone for both fashion insiders and the fashion curious. It's a friendly and informative fashion podcast that covers un-expected themes and variations of what is going on with a keen wit and wisdom. Thank you Lucy for making the magic happen.

A stich in time!

Just what we need right now - a lovingly created show all about the finer things in life. Lucy's interviews with guests talking about everything from raucous country house parties to historically accurate underwear brighten my day with every listen.

Slick. Smart. Unmissable.

I only have time for a couple of podcasts a week, so have to be quite selective, and Dress Fancy is always at the top of my list - part of a ritual now. I’m not a fashion person particularly, and come to this purely for the exquisite storytelling and always funny and engaging conversation. Never a wasted hour. Charismatic barely describes the pure joy of Lucy, who seems to be able to take on any subject with intelligence and humor, and bring out the best in her guest. A total pro. Always slick, always topical, and 100% worth making an appointment with.

Fashion frolics with Lucy Clayton

Why aren’t there more programs on the topic of Fashion ? After all we ALL wear clothes, men and women are interested in the topic, surely it could be a Pandora s box of entertainment for a very large audience!? Thank goodness then for Dress Fancy - such an interesting twist on fashion. I love the historical aspect and it’s all delivered by Lucy with charm and much humour.

This is just what I needed!

The best fashion podcast out there. For years I've been looking for a podcast that caters for my passion for fashion, and Dress Fancy fits the bill perfectly. Funny and informative, it's a a cracking listen - am always refreshing for new updates l! Particularly love Lucy. She's so fun and enthusiastic. Keep up the great work!

Duchess of Argyll and indeed all your podcasts!

Hello! Just writing to say how much I enjoyed your recent podcast on the real wardrobe of The Duchess of Argyll vs the film wardrobe in A Very British Scandal. I am always searching for a critique of the costume choices in tv dramas and films, especially if I am not 100% happy with them! Tom and Lorenzo can be very good but they don’t always tackle the things I have watched and I often want a more historical analysis! There was a definite gap in the market until you came along- and I do spend a lot of time adding visuals to your podcast via your Instagram and any images I can find on the Internet. I am always trying to find in-depth critiques of the choices and meanings in costumes. So much characterisation and subtle messaging is in tv and film costumes- and even in our day to day choices- having the background research on these really makes the story much more interesting. I love Dress Fancy - it’s a unique shining light in a world I sometimes fear is losing interest in aesthetics on a daily basis, and your special guests are always so passionate and informed. Keep up the good work!

5 purple stars!

As an avid listener of the podcast, I was absolutely delighted to be invited to the show as a guest last year to talk about my book on Prince and fashion! Lucy made the recording experience extremely fun and was a very attentive, engaging and friendly host who really made me feel at ease during the whole process. It was a truly wonderful experience - a pleasure to be part of it!

Wonderful escapism and factual entertainment

I love this podcast, it never fails to engage and inspire me.

The Wonder of Whigham

What a treat being a guest on the Dress Fancy podcast. It's like an intellectually stimulating gossip down the pub, a salon where you can turn up in your pyjamas, or a history lesson with all the boring bits thrown out. Lucy knows her stuff and while she fluently guides guests through points of discussion, is also happy to temporarily veer off-course if the conversation meanders. I hope those listening enjoyed our dissection of Marg of Arg's style as much as we enjoyed talking about it. Hope I get asked back one day!

Dress fancy

What a surprise and delight the dress fancy podcast is! Who knew that the humble dressing up box could yield so many interesting topics. I look forward to hearing many more episodes

Brilliant experience

I've been on Woman's Hour, RTE, Times Radio etc, but I have to say this chat with Lucy Clayton and Luci Gosling was the best experience I've had. After a few minutes, I forgot I was being recorded. It felt like a friendly conversation between friends and all of my nerves vanished. Lucy is one of the best hosts I've worked with.

A perfect dip into the worlds of fashion

I just adore the relaxed, luxury feel of these half hour servings of fashion based bliss! There is for me, great contentment listening to these richly structured, intelligent discussions. Such surprise and delight to be exploring fashion, history and fabulously brilliant people in this way. Lucy sparkles, her discussion style is pitch perfect and I have never once heard her say ‘Ummm. I must include here, praise for a seemingly rare and exceptional gift. As an interviewer, she has mastered the craft of truly listening to what is being said. This make for wonderful, engaging discussion and exchange.

Sparkle, wit and joy!

Hi Lucy and Ben. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing podcast. I've been binge listening and you've both kept me company on my morning beach walks before work. You have brought sparkle, wit and joy to what has become a mundane but necessary task whilst I'm still working from home. You have also reminded me of the joy and pleasure of fancy dress and fashion in general which had been sucked from my life by the slog of daily life and the pandemic. Thank you both for the company and keep up the excellent work xxx

Noble Ambitions and a great conversation

There are times when you come across something wonderful and you think, why have I not heard of this before? Such was it with Lucy and her Dress-Fancy interview with Adrian Tinniswood. I loved every minute of it. She is an amazing interviewer who clearly wants to get the best out of whoever she is talking to, and she succeeds. The banter, laughter and good humour were a joy. But her genuine interest in the subject came across so clearly. This is what makes her conversations a cut above the rest. I am now a devoted and enthusiastic fan. And, I’m off to buy a copy or two of the wonderful Noble Ambitions.

Noble Ambitions

Being interviewed by Lucy Clayton was an absolute joy. Not only does she know her subject, but she took the time to know mine as well - something of a rarity in this day and age. That made our conversation so easy and, I hope, entertaining and informative. It was a delight to work with such a consummate professional. I’ll be a regular listener from now on. And any time you want to talk about country houses, Lucy, all you have to do is whistle!

Fascinating around all things dress up!

This is such an interesting podcast- the conversations between ben and Lucy are fascinating and really illuminating around all things clothing related. Well worth a listen!


I was blown away by the depth of knowledge of this pair’s hilarious take on fashion.

♥️ this!

You must must listen! I’m SO thrilled to have found this. It came to me after seeking out all things Mitfordesque looking to fill my Pursuit of Love hole after watching the BBC drama. The first episode I listened to was about Cecil Beaton & the Bright Young Things. I’m now trawling through them all, so great & enthralling. Bravo to you both!

Hilarious podcast…and sometimes educational!

As an avid fan of cultural and fashion history, I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across Dress: Fancy. I binged the first series and now get a thrill when I receive a notification for a new episode. The informal conversation between Lucy & Ben is such a pleasure to listen to - I learn more each episode than I ever learned in school. Pour a large gin, put on your feather boa and escape for an hour.

Fantasy land

This was the first podcast I listened to and so ruined my future podcast experiences. After Dress:Fancy I expected all podcasts to be full of fascinating information and lively discourse. Apparently they are not. Good job there is a big back catalogue for me to catch up on as most other shows simply fail to reach this bar. Moth Tales kept me laughing as we limped through lockdown. So glad to have found this fabulous resource of fancy dress history and social decoding. Lucy and Ben have layers of knowledge and experience like a Victorian petticoat.


Brilliantly engaging and extremely interesting podcast with the sort of informal, yet passionate discussion which makes me feel like i am eavesdropping on two friends in conversation about their most favourite subject.. Peppered with enough hilarious, realistically sweary, spontaneous exchanges to make me spill my tea laughing.. Lucy and Ben are just BRILLIANT and worth every one of their five stars🤩🤩🤩


The hosts are charming, funny and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. Their banter always keeps the subject matter from being dry. And sometimes I play the episodes quietly in the background and their lovely voices help me fall asleep...but only if I have listened to the episode before and listened to all the interesting information first! 💯😊