Duchess of Argyll and indeed all your podcasts!

Just writing to say how much I enjoyed your recent podcast on the real wardrobe of The Duchess of Argyll vs the film wardrobe in A Very British Scandal.
I am always searching for a critique of the costume choices in tv dramas and films, especially if I am not 100% happy with them! Tom and Lorenzo can be very good but they don’t always tackle the things I have watched and I often want a more historical analysis! There was a definite gap in the market until you came along- and I do spend a lot of time adding visuals to your podcast via your Instagram and any images I can find on the Internet. I am always trying to find in-depth critiques of the choices and meanings in costumes. So much characterisation and subtle messaging is in tv and film costumes- and even in our day to day choices- having the background research on these really makes the story much more interesting. I love Dress Fancy - it’s a unique shining light in a world I sometimes fear is losing interest in aesthetics on a daily basis, and your special guests are always so passionate and informed. Keep up the good work!

Feb. 17, 2022 by Bridget Stanford on This Website